Mitchell Freeway; Albert's number one budget priority

14 June 2011

Albert has made widening the Mitchell Freeway his number one budget priority.

“My aim is for funds to the allocated in the next State Budget to widen the freeway from Hepburn Avenue to Hodges Drive to three lanes,” Albert said.

He has presented to State Parliament a petition signed by more than 600 people requesting the widening work.

“I want Transport Minister Troy Buswell to have widening the Mitchell Freeway at the top of his list of works for the next Budget,” he said.

Albert said that he, Andrea Mitchell  (Kingsley MLA) and Paul Miles (Wanneroo MLA) had explained to Mr Buswell the importance to northern suburbs residents of widening the freeway.

“On a freeway with a 100kmh speed limit workers should not have to put up with stop-start driving as they head home to their families,” he said.

“The freeway bottleneck is eating into workers’ family time every week day.

“Works to widen the Kwinana Freeway from Leach Highway to Roe Highway have been brought forward by the State Government, but similar work on the Mitchell Freeway is equally important, ” he said.