Ocean Reef Marina update from Albert Jacob

20 April 2015

When a project has been talked about for more than 30 years, it can often be frustrating for many people in the community who see little or no progress on the ground with the lengthy approval processes that are required seeming unnecessarily bureaucratic.

The redevelopment of the Ocean Reef Marina site has been an aspiration of many in the Ocean Reef community for decades.

However, many in the community may not realise that the process for the current redevelopment proposal only commenced in 2008 through the City of Joondalup.  No prior proposal ever developed beyond the concept stage and none involved engagement with the planning and environmental approvals processes which are required.

By way of comparison, the Mangles Bay Marina project in Rockingham commenced the process in 2003 (5 years prior to Ocean Reef), has only recently received its environmental approval and has not yet commenced construction.

I have followed the progress of Mangles Bay Marina closely and believe that we can take some lessons away from that project to ensure that Ocean Reef Marina’s approvals processes run quicker and smoother - such as running concurrent approvals processes.

Since 2008, both the City of Joondalup and the State Government have continued to support the Marina redevelopment.

The good news is that the Marina redevelopment proposal assessment and approval process has now commenced at a State level for both planning and environmental approvals.

With regards to planning approvals the required amendment to the MRS (Metropolitan Regional Scheme) was initiated in April 2014 through the WAPC. The City of Joondalup will also be required to amend its District Planning Scheme (DPS2) as well as prepare a structure plan and these are being prepared concurrently with the State planning approvals.

The environmental approval process has also commenced through the EPA with the project's level of assessment being set at Public Environmental Review in June 2014 and the endorsement of the project's environmental scoping document.

All four approvals processes (MRS amendment, DPS amendment, Structure Plan, Public Environmental Review) will require public consultation.

In order to speed up the assessment process, all parties have agreed to conduct the four rounds of public consultation concurrently, which is expected to occur later this year.

While I can understand community frustration with the time that the process takes, I am encouraged by the level of cooperation between government agencies and the significant progress to date when compared to other projects of a similar scale.

In the meantime, I will continue to provide my full support in seeing the Ocean Reef Marina redevelopment become a reality.

As always, I am always available to listen and provide further information and I encourage anyone in the Ocean Reef community to contact me on 08 9305 4099 or email to oceanreef@mp.wa.gov.au

More good news for the Marina

The State Government announced last week that it will be providing a $30,000 to the City of Joondalup for a new fish cleaning station at Ocean Reef Boat Harbour.

The new facility will provide a safe and effective method of cleaning catches and disposing of waste material. This will improve the amenity of the area by reducing waste material and minimising animal activity attracted to the waste.